Lester Sumrall Has Observed…

Some Wigglesworth Sermons:



2 thoughts on “Lester Sumrall Has Observed…

  1. i have been struggling with a stye in my eye, Jody kept telling me i should put a hot compress on it. never had one this severe that required more than waiting a few days for the discomfort to pass. finally I aquiesed, what had kept me from doing it was the water, only the “cold” supply to the kitchen sink and refrigerator is filtered but the hot water is straight from the well into the heater and has a pronounced sulfuric odor. now the stye is draining (what a mess), itchy, uncomfortable drainage, redness in tear tracks, but…By Grace “healing”, smelly water and all.
    i like this man Lester, in fact i love him…very keen and observant!

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