How Close Is Close?

The paper has us tied in knots
With End Times, Last Day scary thoughts.
Could we be near the End?
And we’ve been told to watch and pray
For no man can predict the day
When God His Son will send.
The earth will blossom like the rose
A Kingdom Righteous comes.
But first the Man of Sin must rise
And hurting nations hypnotize
Before the swords and drums.
Fret not, I heard the Psalmist say
The Wicked has but one short day
To stand as god, the knave.
Then down he falls to Jesus’ might
Whose quickest work makes all things right
And Zion cleansed and saved.

Note: We hear many people harping on the lateness of the day and the alarming similarity of current events to prophesied developments. Yes Watch, but I think it more important to watch one’s closeness to the Master, in thought, word and deed. The Great Commission is ongoing. People have yet to hear and to be comforted and healed. NO CLOUD GAZING.


5 thoughts on “How Close Is Close?

    1. I didn’t know it was a test, but yes you got it right Liana. So often I am reminded of the assurances of this great Psalm of David, watching the rising threats and jealousy of Saul. So much for Psalm 37; now observe the mirror message in Psalm 73:)

  1. Much comfort … every Psalm holds a leaf of healing sometimes with love, sometimes chastisement, sometimes conviction, sometimes in silence, sometimes in melody, sometimes held together on a single branch and bearing much, sometimes alone and completely overwhelming. Thanks again Doug.

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