David’s Gem

‘My God is the One who struggled, wept and sweated under the olive trees in Gethsemane pleading, “Father if it be at all possible, let this cup pass from me”. He rallied; was ministered to by an angel and stood courageously before His captors, ready to submit unto the will of His Father.

Because of this He is most worthily my High Priest, Elder Brother, Forerunner, Captain and King. This Jesus.’

This was the core of a discussion the other day with David DeQuesada, a friend, factory workmate and Latino/Cuban Pastor.

I visited his church yesterday and rejoiced as Keren led in prayer and worship, as the people gave testimonies and read scripture, and as David administered the Lord’s Supper. I understand from the Spanish about 3 words out of 7. Young Edgar seated beside me cordially filled in some gaps. The Spirit did the rest…wonderfully.

misericordia (mercy): My new Spanish word. Fitting isn’t it? Having accord, harmony, sympathy with pain and suffering. That’s Him!



One thought on “David’s Gem

  1. En el Precioso Sagrado Nombre de Jesus Christo, nuestro Salvador Y Redentor, Dios Te Bendiga, Favoresca, y accompanies a Usted y su familia.
    “Misericordia”, preceeded by an admonishment Miser-I.
    In the Spanish language Mercy is a very big Word 6 syllables!
    All encompassing!
    Merci beaucoup mon ami’

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