Seven fifteen AM today and sun coming up in a blue and orange partially clouded sky. Our factory has a wide open south-eastern vantage point for many sky events.

Large piles of snow banked all around the steelyard. Finished products and racks draped with clinging crusty white. Not too cold today after several days of much worse.

It just felt good to wander a bit in the bracing early morning.

And then I heard him. Somewhere in the bushes down by the little creek beyond our southern fence-line.

Chickadee – chickadee-dee-dee-dee. My little black-capped friend announcing, “Yeah this is pretty good isn’t it.”

I just chuckled to myself and listened for a couple of minutes more. The sound of other birds joined in , but little black-cap was certainly the featured soloist.

(Now about that snow-filled barrel of bolts that I was looking for…)


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