Symphony of Love

They know the lyrics

Start out softly

Watching the praise singers

Swaying up front in unison.

Expectant joy.

And it’s sounding good

The numbers in the audience

Forgotten visually

But their collective sound

Taking on an identity

Of its own.

Approaching with reverence

The spiritual presence

Of the Lamb of God.

He is the focus

And He walks the aisles

Laying a hand on a shoulder

Whispering to the inner ear

“Yes, yes, that is good,

Let it out.

The Father and I saw moments

Just like these before

The foundation of the world.”

Even the ejaculatory outbursts

In the crowd have a blend.

And the crescendo comes

And the words of adoration

Are a symphony of love

Not soon to be forgotten.

And yes…He is worthy.


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