Moses, Drawn Out

Image by James Tissot

A day came when the favour shown to Joseph in Egypt had died off. New leadership suspected those Israelites of treachery and put them into bondage.

‘Kill all the male children right at birth. Cast them into the River. Our God in that River will be pleased.’

But the parents of Moses harboured their handsome little one for as long as they could. Finally an “ark” was made out of thatched and caulked reeds. The little boy was in fact put into the River, his Mother trusting in Providence, his older Sister observing the outcome.

We know the story; Pharaoh’s daughter while bathing discovered the little bundle and took him as her own. She drew him out of the River and named him Moses (drawn out).

Was this not a foreshadowing of Christ? Tossed into our melee of confusion and idolatry. Protected in an Ark from judgment and harm for as long as was necessary. Drawn out of the human tide to deliver those who could not help themselves and to uplift from tedium those without hope of dignity, purpose and Home.


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