young taras shevchenko

Today someone logs in from the Ukraine. I welcome you. I tell you that my wife Hilary in particular follows every development in the current upheaval in your beautiful land; and she prays as that diligent intercessor. Protests. Violence. Killings. An ousted President on the run with bundles of cash. Russia offering him sanctuary in a beautiful resort/sanitarium giving a podium for him to issue misinformation. Beautiful Kiev, the Garden City, showing a sad yield of charred buildings, cars and rubber tires. And overwhelmed citizens face television cameras remembering better days.

A Russian contingent lands at Crimea, supposedly to secure the place of its fleet on the Black Sea. Putin the leader just hot from his apparent success at flagrant Olympics Winter Games (Russia got the most medals) making a show of strength. But is this the beginning of something much larger in the Bear’s resurgence?

And a lame duck liberal, Israel-betraying President sitting in the White House sending his Secretary of State all over the place chasing pipe dreams of peace and uttering threats of recrimination. No longer the Lone Ranger of the world and bankrupted to boot.

The whole planet and balance of power is in a mess, Ukrainians. You see it for what it is. Sadly, most of North America is more concerned about the Academy Awards for Motion Pictures to be shown on television on Sunday night March 2nd. We have become a shallow, gaming, texting, trivial society that will face some big upheavals soon without the right equipment.

Jesus help us all, and comfort and protect in particular those friends in the Ukraine.

Note: Our Canadian province of Manitoba is said to house the 3rd largest concentration of Ukrainians in the world. These are people who came over in the early 1900’s and braved the first few frigid Prairie winters in sod huts. They remember their poet laureate Shevchenko and heroic tales of the Cossacks and Czarist oppression.


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