Cathedral and Sanctuary

one of my Son’s shots from Notre Dame, Paris

Countless feet have trod these stones

Come here, from the thrall of days

Racked with pain and stifling moil

Seeking but the Saviour’s ways.

Does He live beneath this vault

Good as all the stained glass shows?

Did he brave the worst of men

Blessing, while He took their blows?

Could I trust my parcel small

To this Friend from Galilee

Does He even care at all?

Hear my cries; my burden see?

Yes, my spirit answers “Yes”

Most trustworthy of all Kings

Pledging e’en to share His throne

Grasping this, my spirit sings.

All outside is blocked a while

Whispers, echoes strangely bless

Touch His robe, the King of Peace

And the King of Righteousness.


2 thoughts on “Cathedral and Sanctuary

  1. I posted this piece on another site and got a very terse comment, “Can we eat now?” Was this intended as irony or the candid comment from someone who had no place for spiritual meditation? It was like grace for him; just something to be gotten through before “eating, drinking and being merry”. Pity.

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