His Longsuffering is Salvation

It is coming Lord

And we scarce can read the signals

And the planet spins

As if nothing were wrong

And the sunrise greets

The warm and glowing meadow

And the streets of commerce

Hum their bustling song.

But the distance to your throne

Seems somewhat longer

And the visitors

A shy and dwindling lot.

Bewildering times

Full of foolish toys and options

While your Word of truth

Now sadly is forgot.

Did you once not send the Flood

To end rebellion?

Did this sovereign move

Not bring us to our knees?

And the next one is

By fire, the prophets utter.

Yet we sail our kites

Oblivious in the breeze.

Every day you add

Is one more for salvation

And the Cross gets hold

Of yet another heart.

Move with power and compassion

Precious Saviour

E’er the final shoutings, burnings

Get to start…



But I must not stop

With such a gloomy picture.

Not oblivion planned

For what our God had formed.

But re-forming in a grand

New earth and heaven.

Yes, where righteousness

And peace become the norm.


Psalm 102: 25-28


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