The Laughing Morning

I’ll just come and sit

In this pew behind you

Thought I’d find you here

Hospital chapel; quiet

Alone with your thoughts, puzzlement.

While that loved one fights for life

Three stories up.

Don’t blame God, Bud.

This mess is all our own doing.

You can see it in traffic

At the bustling workplace

In halls of power.

We do it to ourselves.

Starts with the “Me first” speech.

And God wants to hear you say,

“You first Lord…you first.

It’s worth the adventure.”

Don’t know what else to say Bud

Just sitting right here

Hand on your shoulder.



Knowing most assuredly

God is three stories up

Doing His business

He is Father, and He is Love.

Lean on that.

Take it to the bank willya?

The laughing Morning is coming.


Note: This poem was inspired by a viewing of the film “The Grace Card”.


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