Lynn was a friend at The Westmount Seniors Long Term Care Residence in Kitchener. Suffering from MS since her early 20’s. Stuck in a wheelchair. Once a very capable nurse of some qualification. Never married. Lover of cats and all domestic animals. Writer of poetry.

She loved our little reading-discussion group and would contribute many incisive comments. She would come front and centre to Chapel.

There were repetitive breathing problems. More and more she was confined to her bed. The residence cat would drop by and pop up onto her covers expecting some “Little Friskies”. Never disappointed.

I learned this Sunday that she had just died the previous evening at St. Mary’s Hospital from pneumonia. Laurie, the Home Chaplain, told me as graciously as she could following service. We sat in the front foyer remembering this kind friend and her stellar patience with circumstances. I was about to leave when I noticed that the woman at the front desk had been listening. I went over and mentioned Lynn Pearcey. The woman was reading a document that I recognized, “The Story of My Life” by Lynn Pearcey. Each of my daughter Lauren and I had a copy. This had been a project for a community college student who attended upon our friend for a number of weeks to help prepare a little autobiography.

The female student’s little “Afterward” in the photocopied piece spoke of a remarkably patient and gracious woman who had become a friend.

The desk lady’s eyes were moist. She told me Lynn was about 53 years of age. Missed but now in full blossom with Jesus.


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