Land of Milk and Honey


I note today with significance some visits to this blog from Israel. This has not occurred too often in the past.

I want you to know that this writer acknowledges your daily dance with violence, settlement controversies, coalition struggles in your legislature and worries over the fate of your beloved Jerusalem. North Americans have come into the terrorist reality much later than yourselves. I respect your resilience.

I know that God intervened in 1967 and in 1973 when statistics showed that the odds were greatly against you. I know that your prophet Ezekiel speaks of another great battle where the Lord’s favour and protection give rise to a “great shaking”. (chapters 38 and 39) Nations that oppose you will be humbled.

Canada and its Prime Minister Mr. Harper apparently hold a warm place in the heart of your Mr. Netanyahu. I respect our Prime Minister’s firm stance on the matter of supporting your claim to lands and to resisting with force acts tantamount to war at virtually all of your borders. Many other nations of the West vacillate, crying peace and compromise at all costs.

This is not to say that your people have not made embarrassing mistakes. The Palestinian Question is something that other Arab states have left on your porch like the proverbial baby in a basket. I wish you much guidance, wisdom and compassion in working out solutions. The thing is much too simplified by others who do not face the same degree of risk.

I am reminded of the old story of the barnyard picnic. The cows were to bring milk. The chickens were to bring eggs. But the pigs…the pigs were to bring the bacon. One of the senior boars was heard to say “None of you know the extent of our commitment to making this thing happen”.

In closing allow me to share a poem coming from the time of your great law codifier Ezra:


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