It Shall Accomplish and It Shall Prosper


Lord you have said

I shall be the head

And not the tail

Great shall be the peace

Of my children

I shall be a well-watered tree

Nothing shall wither

I shall walk a highway of holiness

Danger and evil shall flee.

The mind of Christ is mine

And I am inseparable from His love.

But the years pass

And the hurts come

And the facts in my face

Seem to laugh at the audacity

Of your promises.

And I grow old

With the aches and pains.

And my counsel is not

Sought at the Gate.

Far from it.

Is this but a dream?


“Oh Child without end

The sand in the glass

Is but a trifle.

Look up and look back

And know that the Good Book

Records but a day or two

In my estimation.

Can you say that it

Is not all in line as spoken?

You have only just begun Child

And you certainly have won Child.”

(Isaiah 55: 10-12)


3 thoughts on “It Shall Accomplish and It Shall Prosper

  1. Nice to hear from you Liana. I am posting this morning’s items from a coffee shop and Wi-Fi. I no longer have internet connection at home. Consequently there will be a process of tanking up Word documents on my laptop and then releasing them to the web at manageable intervals. Anthony is aware of this development.

    You send me End Times articles and I appreciate them. So much is in a mess on this little ball of green and blue, guns, pride and posturing. People are going to run out of playthings and distractions. Then Jesus will start the greater work of harvesting. Keep writing about HIS glory and winsomeness. And to the one who asks, or whose face poses the question, give what you know about grace (both barrels).

    Even our little blogs can become powerful missiles in the capable and steady hands of God.

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