Living Ready

He was standing near me at the counter. Checking me out periodically. Familiar face? Yeah, an acquaintance from a storefront church downtown years ago. He joined me for coffee, and we got up to date, mutual acquaintances, new developments.

He remembered that I had preached occasionally at that place, and he found it necessary to present his religious hardware. Why, I wondered. Out came the plastic wrapped bundle of tracts.

What are those, I asked.

Oh, I give them out on the Main Street sometimes.

Oh so you’re into scattershot tract distribution?

He chuckled at my choice of words.

We then went on to have a discussion about how and when to use such materials.

I suggested that all of our mentors give the impression that we are to be great combine harvesters for Jesus in the Salvation Crop. The truth is we are more like little Ruth gleaning over in some small corner of the field, quietly as legitimate opportunity arises. This was an image instilled in me years ago back in Chatham by Laura, a friend of the family and mighty intercessor. She put the convincing dance of Pentecost into our lives.

Let us get a realistic hold on the part for us to play in Christian service:

Live clean. Culture a compassionate ear and an un-aroused temper. Honour the Lord with the most hallowed and kingly place in your inner man. Be ready always to give a gentle answer to the one who asks for the reason for the hope that is in you by Jesus Christ. Do not waiver from the non-negotiables in the Good News.

If more people would simply do this, as united brothers and sisters in Christ, how great would be the yield in our neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools and markets?


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