I cased the joint

And know where I may best

Enter, unsettle, wound and steal.

Accomplished, through the years

In many lands

And quite the network of imps

Squealing at my commands.


A keen eye have I

Much like one at market

With the horse.

Looks like a fine bargain

But caress, prod and raise the voice

Faults come to view

And faulty the choice.


My weapons profuse

In manner or state.

This one too lonely

That one adored

Another without food or trade

A mind loving censure or boast

A worship of projects well made.


And NOW is the time

My days have an end

Messiah has measured the leash

I kick at the thing

And snarl my disdain

Redoubling efforts

To cause His kin pain.


But many just smile

(My seige at its worst)

And praises come forth from the flames.

Their vistas of Heaven

And loved ones and flowers

The half-known defense

To all of my powers.


They come to the River

By various paths

My arrows have sought every one.

And some were waylaid

And most scarred with loss

The River their freedom

This leashed one can’t cross.


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