Many? Really?

Psalm 40:

And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord.

Yeah, this is what we want to hear. We have come to Jesus out of the miry place. We are astounded at the change of heart, thoughts, attention to scripture, prayer, testimony. We want to tell everyone. Our hearts are full. Surely they will want to hear too. Many of them.

But before long you see the list of friends shrinking. The raised eyebrows. The old pass-times lost. The self-doubt starting to gnaw just a little.

Stop right there. Consider Ruth of Old Testament times. A gentile woman become enamoured of the God of mother-in-law Naomi. True to Naomi. True to a re-patriation trek. True to a new neighbourhood and workmates. True to a kindly older farmer name Boaz. True to a covenant of betrothal and true to a beautiful new baby of hope.

It all seemed like a very small circle of influence. But not in God’s eyes. He cherished the widowed woman turned happy mother. He had enormous hope in her lineage. Her fidelity as an example would inspire many. And she could not see it. Not at all. She just did what she perceived as right each day, and in the counsel of God’s will.

Friend and Believer. You have no idea of your impact in an increasingly darkening world. You meet with unreasonable opposition from total strangers and you cannot see the spiritual battle beneath. Others take special effort to get close to you and to listen. And why?

You have things to say and to demonstrate concerning the Light, the Hope, the Door, the Bread, the Living Water, the Peace, the Joy, the Elder Brother, the Good Shepherd. Listen to that still, small, voice saying, “That one over there. Yeah him. Now. And suggest something like the following…”

But remember the overall logistics are left up to the Lord.


2 thoughts on “Many? Really?

  1. We come before him with an empty paper bag and ask Him to fill it up, He does…every single time. But it’s a mixed bag, though it’s all good there are some things included that we don’t want to see, much less deal with…rummage through the bag for the “good stuff” until all that’s left is that “other” stuff. The stuff we store away and deem not to be useful by our estimation. Until we make use of everything in that bag…find the hidden “good” in it nothing else will be added. This is mysterious, this is secret, this is the jigsaw puzzle we get so excited over. Exhilaration, glory bumps beyond anything we’ve ever felt before, when a discernible, recognizable, image begins to take form. We have been equipped, His Grace is sufficient. But we want to know what’s in every body else’s bag before we have emptied ours. Why does he or she have more of the “better” stuff and i so little? It doesn’t seem fair. Does God have to be fair? Is He not JUST? The crumbs from God’s table are worth more that all the sumptuous temptations of the world.
    LORD You are JUST and if i can see no good in something You’ve deemed fit to give to me, it is only because i have not yet looked hard enough to find it but it is there without a doubt…i can count on it! i believe in your promises, my hope placed in You is “unshakable,” i trust You always hold our best interest in Your Mighty Loving hands. And i for one do not want to repeat the process that helped me to arrive at this epiphany and see You in all things, but if asked to…well:) Teacher never stops “teaching” Amen?!
    (Anthony Gomez)

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