Life’s Brevity

You’re here…we’ve been waiting

The foyer’s the spot

To hang up your body

And pains that it brought.

I know that you pampered

I know that you fed

I know that you trained it

Were easily led.

But this is the soul’s place

The Inner Man first

We’re looking for loving

And righteousness thirst

And hard choices mastered

In Master’s great Plan.

The fibre, the mettle

Our focus here, Man.


You seem somehow lacking

The focus, the bent

That drew you wherever

The jobs or games went.

A common dilemma

For well-meaning folk.

And Bible truth, prayer

In your circles, a joke.

But this is the reckoning

You’re saved by the Cross

You took in that much

To avoid immense loss.

No echoes of Jesus

His care and His Word

Were seen in your passing

Or gratefully heard.


You’re here as by fire

The crowns are reserved

For those with perspective

Who faithfully served.


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