Ben Hur: Beautiful Gospel Under-current

Salvoes in Faith

From an ebook:

The timing of this story (made into an epic motion picture) coincides with the earth walk of Jesus. Jerusalem is an unpleasant outpost of the Roman Empire. The inhabitants dream of their promised Messiah.

An old man drifts in and out of the story line. It is inferred that he was one of the Wise Men who visited the Christ child. In later years he is searching for the young man Messiah.

A freak accident places the aristocratic family of Judah Ben Hur in disfavour with the Roman occupiers. His one-time boyhood friend holds the fate of the family in his hands. The decision: Judah to be sent to the coast and slave galleys; his Mother and Sister to be sent to prison and ultimately the leper colony.

A slave’s march takes weary prisoners past a Carpenter’s Shop. The Carpenter takes pity on the chained men…

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