God’s Not Dead (he’s surely alive)

This contemporary Christian movie is NOT about the Cross of Christ, and consequently must not be called a Gospel film.

It is about product endorsement of successful Christians in today’s society ( The Newsboys Band, the Duck Dynasty television family sensation, the actor Kevin Sorbo, once of Hercules fame).

It is about Creation Science. A university student takes a rabid philosophy professor’s challenge to prove that God is not dead.

It is about debating rather than loving and serving people into the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is about the Providence of God timing people and circumstances into a juxtaposition working toward mercy and forgiveness (that’s the good point).

In the theatre I observed a largely Christian audience hoping to score a good one for their team. There was a sad coercion in all of the media hype for the film.

Frankly, it was not that good, and it ends with a disappointing challenge to the viewers. We are at the City concert of the popular band The Newsboys, and like the audience gathered there, we are invited to text all of our social media friends with the message “God’s Not Dead”

But where, oh where, is the message ” Jesus Saves. Jesus Heals. Jesus Baptizes in the Holy Ghost. Jesus is Coming Again.”

There is more in the film speaking to HOW NICE the Christian culture appears to be. A very sad second-best.


4 thoughts on “God’s Not Dead (he’s surely alive)

  1. Thanks Doug, I was deciding with Ron what Picture we should go and see in our Holidays next week, I’m not sure if Heaven is for Real has reached Australia yet but I will check it out tomorrow.

    See you in the Morning for my Devotion time.

    Christian Love – Anne

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