Easter After-Thoughts


5 thoughts on “Easter After-Thoughts

  1. I very much enjoyed your balanced view of Easter Doug and the rich Truth of both the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. No I do not withhold Chocolate eggs from Children either but I do tell them Bunnies don’t lay eggs and that real eggs mean new life just like Jesus gives us. I Posted a wonderful story about Easter eggs that I received by email years ago, I will leave the Link for you I’m sure you will both be blessed as I was….

    Easter Eggs – http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/the-empty-egg/

    Thank you Doug for reminding me of the reality of the Cross.

    I have been forgiven of my past sins of this I have no doubt but I do not take lightly that I spat at Jesus, that I nailed Him to the cross, mocked Him, pieced His side, than gave Him vinegar for his thirst, that because of my sin I separated Him from His beloved Father and yet He gave His all to save me, even asking that I be forgiven while He was in agonizing pain and His heart was breaking and yes He did this even though I caused Him great suffering more than anyone can comprehend… it was my sin not just someone elses that nailed Him to the Cross and it was me who pieced his hands with rusty nails. I will never forget I did this to Jesus or feel I have the right not to forgive others for the wrong they do to me. Do I wait for them to say sorry No! but of course they can’t receive it till they do but it sets me free and Satan doesn’t have a foothold.

    Christian Love Always from us both dear Brothers – Anne

    1. I already read this message Anthony and responded above although it was hard to read even though I cut and pasted it, I will not download anything from the Internet unless it is thoroughly validated the same with program tools, I have been hacked too many times.

      Just like the Christmas Symbol’s it is how you view them that counts, just because Pagans worship their gods at Easter and Christmas does not mean we are, it is what is in our heart that God sees.

      Pagans decorate Trees and worship them I don’t but I do have a Christmas Tree and I decorate it, big difference, if a Christian worships the Easter bunny or a Christmas Tree, they are in big trouble I agree.

      I suggest you read my Post link, so you will see it is what our heart focus is that really matters.

      Blessings – Anne.

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