The Prayers Would Follow

Kathleen knew

The prayers would follow

Mum tucked in

A bit of the Front Page discussed

Peck on the cheek

And lights out.

There were two essays downstairs

Needing typing

Students would drop by

Tomorrow at four

Little darlings are up

To their eyeballs.

She had foregone three weeks

Of piano lessons

For the little ones

McMaster University just too busy

In the final term.

Kept her occupied though

And left time for Mum.

Six years now since Kathleen

Had taught for the Separate Board

But there were still visits

And Holiday cards

And a couple of the most promising ones

Sometimes attended the Cathedral.

Mum was so confused

So much unlike that stylish clerk

Of the Eaton’s Women’s Department.

Working with a smile and a friendly word

While Kathleen studied

And started out with the classes.

(Her beloved Music and English Lit.)

Yes the prayers would follow

Students. Faces.

Now grown. Married. Some Divorced.

Her children of sorts.

Her prayer platform.

Once the glorious images

Of a strengthening Saviour

Moved over to one side.

And His precious whisperings concluded.


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