The Promises

The promises have raised us up

And made us look ahead

And blessed with holy fellowship

And new life from the dead.

They set apart a special folk

Who know that God is real

Who lean on what He says and does

And not just how they feel.

They’ve seen Him clear the path for peace

When all seemed bent on strife

And food and drink in desert drought

As parched land burst with life.

Such promises will stay the course

And show us mercy’s plan

And honour, giving, gratitude

To dignify each man.

And One Man nobly leads the way

And meets this life head on

And triumphs through a Cross and Tomb

‘Til Heaven is fully won.


2 thoughts on “The Promises

  1. Liana, do you really get the blessing of affirming another person? Your comments are often sweet nectar to the thirsty, and you mean only love, dear Sister. I think I’ll go now and pay you a visit at Poetry Cottage…Doug

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