Avec Jesus, Toujours Plus Loin

That is what the sign says facing University Ave. It is in front of a French immersion elementary school and it captures the attention of a new crowd of academics, traveling to campus. They are “from Missouri”, so many of them. “You just have to show me before I’ll believe.”

Well what is the sign saying? With Jesus everything goes farther, or With Jesus always going farther.”

Farther in what? In care. In comfort. In healing. In righteousness. In rescue. In understanding. In purpose. In joy. In belonging. In hope. Can I stop now?

Yep, it’s a pretty good sign. More power to its message. It will reach many who never enter my circles. Remember saints, God is at work in His glorious agenda everywhere and with a multitude of agencies.

…and while I drove past the sign I heard on the radio (www.faithfm.org) this beautiful new song of praise and hope…


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