Times Spent in Job

Excellent Douglas!


I go back to the Bible book of Job many times. Not because I have a morbid desire to examine suffering; rather because in it I find a most involved Lord who is in charge of everything, even the devil, and who turns mourning into dancing in His own right time.

The devil is real. The world is fallen. The hazards are many. None of this is beyond the Divine, or represents a failure or something that fell through the cracks. The fall of Lucifer because of pride (Isaiah 14) was foreseen by God as was the fall of Adam. That eventuality has been used to draw closer candidates for salvation and cleansing, to deepen relationship and trust, to provide stirring examples of hope and resilience and to generate hunger for Heaven and God’s ultimate community. The devil is sent on asignment.

But what about Job’s kids and livestock? They all…

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