Written for a friend


This poem arose today

This poem awakened

Before it  knew what to say

This poem was once dead

And painted red

This poem trusts in where

It is being led

This poem hungered and thirsted

And so by Grace fed

This poem was written

Thousands of times before

Any word was ever said

This poem is listening

To the pen imprinting

Across a page Gracefully

This poem

Is without end…

Anthony Gomez, Moncks Corner, S.C.


6 thoughts on “Written for a friend

    1. Liana, this poem…was tucked away and forgotten. Written down quickly before i might lose sight of what had surfaced in the stream. i came across it while looking for a blank space in a over-crowded notebook to jot something down before it also…might be lost.

  1. Yes Doug often that way…starts with a word or a few and i don’t know where it’s headed…quite often i don’t know if it’s finished? i only know it always falls short of what it could have been.
    And maybe the next one can be better?
    If i can learn to let go more, to listen…well.

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