The Compassion

I am as vulnerable

As that Mother on the birthing table

I feel every contracton

Every convolution

As you struggle to be

What you were meant to be.

For a while I harboured you

In warm amniotic peace.

But you must now

Address the environment.

And Child, it is cold

And often difficult.

The closer you come

To breaking out

The greater my pain


I push and I wait

And I push

As you progress


Toward that world

Of harsh rhythms.

You crown, you come

And you cry.

So do I.

And so will I

At every new turn

In the path.

Such is the Compassion.

Such is the Father

Of Love.

And I am never

No never

Going away.


Redemption is easy to experience because it cost God everything, and if I am going to be regenerated it is going to cost me something. I have to give up my right to myself…The men who are up against things just now and who are determined to get at Reality at all costs, and will not accept a thing on the religious line unless that line states Reality – these are the men who are paying the price for the next generation. The reason we are here in the natural world is because our mothers struggled for our existence, and the more unhindered the birth pangs the stronger and healthier the child. A thing is worth just what it costs. (Oswald Chambers, Baffled to Fight Better: Examining the Book of Job, 1931)


4 thoughts on “The Compassion

  1. I love this illustration Doug.
    Who is better serving God’s will, the one who heads to church on sunday and is assailed by ministry opportunities along the way…ignored?
    Or the one who stops to help a stranded motorist while dressed in their sunday finest?
    Who takes off his tie, his jacket, rolls up his sleeves and makes it a point to help someone else get going?
    Only to find that while he is seated in a pew with his head bowed in prayer later, someone arrives even later that himself…and is now seated alongside.
    When he lifts his head and looks over, who is smiling upon him but the person he stopped to help radiant, aglow.
    “The last will be first and the first will be last…capiche’?

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