Opportunities for worship and the compassion for power to be found in this book…


I never was alone you know

I always had a team

And Love the energizer for

The things We do or dream

And nothing was before I Am

And not an earlier Cause

And all creation felt our Hand

And rallied its applause.

The Son keeps holding

All things sure.

The Spirit broods new birth.

And We the Three eternally

Are lording over Earth.

One gives.

One given

One gifting still.

The Word and Breath of Life.

In one accord

The solemn Lord

Preparing Him a Wife.

A Bride is what the Church shall be

And spotless made and pure

In unity just as We Three

To evermore endure.


Note: I am concerned that we do not battle enough to entrench in the churches the comfort and confidence found in Trinity. We pray the Lord’s Prayer “Our Father…” and we are envisioning community in unity. Our precious Lord and Forerunner is all of that. This blog now has a label for “Trinity” and will be re-visiting prior entries on this burden of prayer. (John 17: 8-26)


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