Holy Orders

Why all this fuss?

About living alone

About getting intense

About building a fence

In this Way?

Listen to Us.

There is Life in exchange

And to Faith a wide range

In simplicity shared


Can the Holiest stop

When you get off your knees

And explore the new trees

Of the spring?

When you laugh

With a child

Share an elder’s wise smile

Join a praising choir

Simply to sing?

It is all of God’s gift

Always meant to be shared

Market streets

A cathedral of sorts.

As you mix it up, Love

Like the Love Three above.

Just imagine the joyful reports!

Note: Life is a sacrament. Commonplace expresses the holy. Bend your knees, but also rub shoulders one with another. There is a universal priesthood of believers. All Body parts are equal, excepting the Head Christ Jesus.


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