Never a Before. Never After

A look at some of the blessings from meekly considering our Triune God.


3 thoughts on “Never a Before. Never After

  1. SOOOO…That’s where you’ve been, time well spent…loved the “Jesus stumped the Pharisees” with a smile at that…amazing perception brother.
    He is ever right in front of our blind little noses!
    Just waiting with a big ole’ smile…breaks bread with us and does not depart only invisible but very real.
    Awesome package you’ve put together here.
    Miss Patricia and I discussed Michael Downey yesterday in fact.
    What a blessing she has been in my life, So overflowing with The Holy Spirit!
    And now…
    Anthony Gomez

  2. For me the Matthew 22 riddle is as much a victory cry for Jesus as the discourse on the Road to Emmaus where He reviews with the 2 hikers all prophecy “concerning Himself”. Wow! Talk about a fulfilled life. Our Master has it, and sees it ever blossoming anew in the mystical Body of Christ. And you and I know AG that that Body defies labels and brand names. It heeds the Word, loves the Father and follows the Spirit (the finger of God).

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