On A Branch…


Searching for new birds

Listening for new songs

Flash of yellow-breasted fervent feathered fury’s flutter

Alights on a branch

Catches my eye

below a lush canopy of green upon high


“who are you…what kind? “


“from whence have you come, were you reading my mind?”


(did you not pray to see something never seen before?)


“indeed I did, why am I surprised by anything anymore?”


(there is nothing the Creator cannot do, I heard his call and flew and flew…)


“resplendent you are, dignified and regal”


“how is it little one that we are gifted the means before ever knowing the Way or the ends?”


(truly a mystery my friend…truly)

(and yet…here we are, this is my tweet to you…are you all a-twitter?)

(B.T.W. have you anything for me to eat?)


“yes. By God’s Good Grace and abundant provision…there is seed aplenty!”


Anthony Gomez, Monks Corner, S.C.



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