Patient Racing

Let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus… (Hebrews 12: 1).

What exactly does that look like? To me a race is almost a thing of panic and impatience. “Gotta get there. Gotta get there first.”

But Jesus took on the impossible over His three year period of public ministry. Many villages. Hiking and more hiking. Crowds. Expectant afflicted ones. Eager students of teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven. Cynical religious authorities closing in for the kill.

I am sure that His disciples marveled at the calm and relaxed appearance of the Great Agenda. Long nights of prayer. Thinking no evil. Keeping always before His eyes of faith the vision of a happy Family, cleansed, reverent, full of hope, helpful, giving.

It was also probably the wisdom of the Master to focus on immediate opportunities. “Sufficient unto the day” He had said. No fuss about the big picture and the finish line. The Heavenly Father in His wisdom would apportion each day’s requirements and the capability to follow through.

Another Father was often heard to say “Take this thing in chewable portions. The Big Picture might discourage. You will get there. A bit at a time. Watch your energy level. Do not panic.”

And that is racing with patience…


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