Lesson in Emmaus

coming to a place of rest
coming to a place of rest

So why didn’t those two guys recognize Jesus as He joined them on the Road to Emmaus?

Almost threw in the towel on that one.

Jerusalem had been full of the bad report. The noble prophet Jesus had been shamefully executed. They had watched Him die. The hopefuls had gone home.

We guess that it had been too good to be true. Really nothing ever changes around here.

The men were in a Hebrews 3 position. Unbelief, sense knowledge, self-pity, forgetful of the promises.

A pleasant young man joins them on the Road. Duly invited. He asks them of recent developments. He hears the bad report. And this was the third day. The day promised for recovery.

This young man is going to attempt to bring them over into a Hebrews 4 position. He reiterates promises of scripture. He rebukes gently. He coaxes belief in the magnificent lattice-work of prophecy (concerning Himself).

His companions really hear the Word. Faith is beginning to stir. Rest and assurance appear on the horizon. Emmaus is reached.

And now the young man (Jesus) does something interesting. He appears to keep walking, as if to depart. He is waiting for an invitation.

No kind Sir, the day is late. We must eat. You are most welcome to join us. Abide with us. (There it is the old hymn that we love).

The travelers are now readied, really readied to see with delight and abandon the resurrected Christ. They are saved. Always a matter of Word, faith, offer and acceptance.

Not just simply eyesight (Luke 16: 31)


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