I come behind in no spiritual gift

Not a one.

Signs and wonders occur

As I share the Word.

Stubborn hearts soften

And Jesus gains new siblings.

I am constrained to do these things.

By Love, and not of my origin.

But the gainsayers are suspicious

They allege I have no diplomas on the wall.

(Heavens, I have no wall.)

I do not hold my breath for their approval.

Their measure is evil.

Competitive and fleshly.

I battle against it

Like some plague.

Until the Spirit within laughs

And liberates.

He nudges, saying

“How can you boast in a gift?

Wasn’t earned or learned, Son.

Be thankful. Period.

And occupy.

You wrote, yourself, that the dispensation

Is all of my choosing.

The Body develops

In harmony.

If it will only listen

And take the small roles

Member by member.”

Yes I hear you, Comforter

And your irony.

Better I boast in my infirmities

The stretchings, the slander,

The stoning, the shipwrecks

The starvings and sleeplessness

For sake of my Master.

And His glorious grace.

Yes, better I boast of such.

And leave the swelled heads in a tizzy.

(2 Corinthians chapters 10 and 11)


One thought on “Measuring

  1. Guess one must learn what one must learn…no matter how painful, but once the hand is drawn back from where it ought to have not ventured the healing is always near, clear, present and patient…resumes in earnest.
    By Grace the snake-bite not lethal…snake shaken off and tossed into the fire without skipping a beat.
    Beautifully written Doug,
    All Glory be to God
    All Praise be to God
    All thanks be to God
    In JESUS’ Holy Precious Name

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