Into the Depths

The story is a long one

The wrong turns and the doubt

The trouble taken willingly

I’ll never figure out.

The friends who all proved fickle

The wasted days and nights

The blurry end of benders

The foul-ups and the fights.

But this was what I wanted

Or so it seemed for years

As I sank lower in the muck

And tried to hide my tears.

Could something now be different?

That preacher on the street

Who said the Lord was there for me

Forgiveness oh so sweet.

I knew this was the answer

A Word inside of me

‘To pitch my pack of problems

Into the deepest sea.

And there sweet God forgets them’.

It’s what the prophet said.

And I the stunned believer

Found new life from the dead.

Micah 7: 19

Jeremiah 31: 34


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