Good Times-A Place To Die 3/3

A good way to go (revival).

Anthony Gomez


2 thoughts on “Good Times-A Place To Die 3/3

  1. The 19th is my daughter’s birthday. Lauren spent a few days with her boyfriend and his children at the family cottage. Their dog Tigo, a husky, had been suffering for weeks with one collapsed lung and either a virus or a parasite. Losing weight and energy. But Lauren and Steve and the kids had poured on the love, medicine and attention. On the drive home with only Steve and his daughter in the one car, the dog breathed his last in the back seat. He was not just an animal, but a celebrated family member with spunk. Of course as the news spread everyone was upset and increasingly so. But the little guy had been with family until the last. That was the best possible. I intend to send this post to the household. We know from the story of Jonah that God has compassion for animals and those who love them. (Doug)

  2. i was urged to post this as i was still watching it, became obvious where the story line was headed. This was found on you tube and posted before the program ended.
    Sorry for your loss, i have five dogs myself, two over ten years of age and with health complications…i can truly relate to:)
    B.T.W. the above link you’ve referred to does not work…i tried it.
    God Bless.

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