Revelation of The Cross (anonymous)

Salvoes in Faith


I heard a Pastor on the radio relate a story today about another Pastor who prayed to know the meaning of the Cross.

I tuned in midway so I missed a bit…but here goes.

I can’t quote this verbatim, just the gist of it…he asked for a revelation concerning the Cross, there seemed to him to be something missing. Something he just was not getting.

(ever feel that way?)

That night he dreamt that he saw a Roman soldier, shoving and dragging Jesus towards the Cross and whipping Him with the cat of nine tails viciously, the Pastor now a spectator witnessing this could bear it no more and rushed to the soldier, spun him around and found himself looking into his own face.

I was really moved by this story, perhaps it’s an old one, perhaps it’s been in circulation as a teaching tool for spiritual directors for a long…

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