Public Transport

god can

My bible is not so heavy, maybe weighs a pound  or a bit more I guess?

If I were to read it by an open window sill, carelessly drop it and it landed on someone’s head it may or may not cause serious injury. Probably depending on the angle of impact and whether or not hit by a stiff corner.

Now, take this same bible another ten levels up or ten more than that or ten more than that…get the picture?

Dropped from a greater height representing the saint further along in their studies and the neophyte still learning to crawl in the Word…need I say more?

Sometimes this is how we see ourselves, though the Truth is that we are all equal in God’s eyes.

Which is more potentially injurous? And whom has the greater responsibility?

Correction/chastening is one thing, bludgeoning of one another whether deliberate or not, depending on how it is utilized on the other hand?

If this post is offensive and requires correction, please feel free to say so…perhaps it is for the best and for edification.

If no fault is found in it then maybe…just maybe I did exactly as instructed to?

There is always that part of me that wants to drive the bus and though I fight the urge…I don’t always succeed.

If the driver is driving recklessly then the choice is clear…after all, on the bus are many.

Every effort should be made to break that momentum and bring that vehicle to a controlled safe stop then a mutual calm and informed decision can be made on how to best proceed from there for the good of all onboard with a fresh start and possibly if need be, a new driver.

Gravity however, is a law unto itself that once put into action must have it’s eventual unavoidable “perfect” result. And the consequences can be well…? Grave.

i have a still very valid “passenger” endorsement on my CDL but i’ve rarely put it to good use…hmmm?

If we allow Jesus to drive we get a clearer view, a bigger picture over His capable shoulders and out through the broad clear windshield where even the flying insects will not splatter upon.

Even the bumpy roadway is made smoother Amen?! 🙂

God Bless,

Anthony Gomez


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