Rush of Many Waters


For some reason a childhood memory crept into my mind just now

In the form of a metaphor

Isn’t that the way of inspiration for all that delve in writing?

It just seems to come from out of nowhere

In the world it’s called a muse

In the life of a Christian we know it is the Holy Spirit

Anyway I was thinking about how it’s seems like I’m being drawn out of my comfort zone

seems eviction is imminent

from my own “private Idaho”

My personal little “brook” is drying up

And the “ravens” bring nothing any longer

They don’t even look at me

And I’m always looking up when they fly overhead now

Because they have stopped ‘bringing’

But still do not hesitate to ‘drop’

This thought popped into my mind suddenly, a vision of a child

Perhaps myself in my youth even…

Testing the waters by the shore (day at the beach)

Dipping my toes in the frigid waters

Then frantically running from the fast approaching surf

As if the proverbial “bogeyman” were after me

Then I would brave the waters up to my ankles

Then my knees

then my waist

shivering all the while teeth chattering

Then just dive in!

Now fully immersed

The sensation is AMAZING!

Tingly, alive all over, so intense, so sudden, had i been dead?

Don’t you just want to stay fully immersed all day?!

I don’t want to go home yet…

Please can we stay a bit longer?

Leaving the shore to return to the car

Sand in my shoes…

Looking back longingly with such angst

With not a clue of the presence found

And how it was not so much that it was found in the waters

That I could hear it, taste it, smell it…

That mystical steady soothing thrum in my ears underwater,

that replaced all the cacophonic sounds of the world!

No, not so much that,

But that unbeknownst then

one day…

the waters

Would humbly condescend to live in me

And I in He

Anthony Gomez


2 thoughts on “Rush of Many Waters

    1. Scary…how well we read each other, isn’t it?
      You found it, literally Forrester!
      He died and rose
      to give it to us
      why aren’t we dying to “self” to have it?
      as if engaging in debates/contention with one another,has any bearing, or anything to do whatsoever with what he is so graciously offering?

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