Wordless Preaching

Tenth Beatitude

Hi Perce, come on up on the porch. Nope not a bother at all. Just sitting here skimming through the newspaper. Same old stuff. Read it dozens of times before – only the faces change. Supper? Oh don’t worry about that. Barb’s busy making a casserole for that young single Mom down the street. You know the one who took the Jamieson house two months ago with her two kids. Samantha’s the name I think.

Poor kid, she ‘s up every weekday morning at four and down the road forty-five minutes later to take the brood to day-care. Barb has heard that the husband suffered a break-down and has been hospitalized for the better part of a year. What about these young people these days, eh? Rush, rush, no quality of life. Kids usually take it on the chin.

I have to hand it to my wife though. She is…

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