God is No Laggard

Tenth Beatitude

You have asked in sincerity and truth. No polished words that do not match who you are. No iniquity purposefully kept hidden and unconfessed.

I am happy to tell you that our Lord is most assuredly on the case. No delay; no wondering whether or not to render the best of help.

Problem is, we often cannot see what that “best of help” might look like. As the picture comes into focus (like the old Polaroid snaps) we panic. Things are not developing as we expected. Right you are, but it is still His best answer and it has been forthcoming since the time of your utterance.

He does want you to speak it into this earth. Can’t merely think it. Must pray. That is how important God considers words. He made the earth with them. He promised Messiah through them. He will arrest the devil and anti-Christ in the…

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