Never used to bother

To think about the finish

Days of sun and sporting

And friends all in a row

Targets, tests and training

Compelling each semester

Interludes of romance

Oh where did they all go?

Household came and family

And years of nudge and nurture

Trusting in a help-mate

And she as good as gold.

Darkening days and set-backs

And drudgery never dreamed of

Waking up one morning

And sensing one was old.

But a spark ignited

And held the cords in trouble

Heaven looked down

And quickened this one heart

Friendship unfailing

And with a kindly Carpenter

One who had been there

And helping from the start.

Now all seems chaos

A world gone to distraction

Stealing and lying

A part of daily fare

But I, mine, untroubled

And looking for the Son-rise

Knowing a purpose

And place await me there.

Might this seem selfish?

All me and mine and mercy

God clears a pathway

Delights me with His Cup?

There have been others

Who watched this odd progression

Hearing, if willing,

The reasons I look up.


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