Psalm 104

Lord you played with matter

It bounced from hand to hand

And lines were drawn

In earth’s pre-dawn

Dividing sea from land.

And lights and nights

And mountain heights

Became at your command.

The forests deep and verdent

Were your menagerie

And birds would sing

And haply wing

From nest to fruitful tree.

While padded feet

On paths discreet

Would seek out food for free.

You knew each birthing tremor

You saw the young well trained

And blossoms grew

With morning dew

Or rivers where it rained.

And men arrived

And worked and thrived

And from your bounty gained.

Which brings us all to worship

Your kindness and your good

And cry for peace

And love’s release

In Eden’s neighbourhood.

We trust your will

As sovereign still

And sealed in selfless blood.


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