Old Friends*

Dundas Street, London ON

Don’t ask why I do this

Alone on this bench

The City alive with new pace.

This once was my corner

I served up the meals

But now I can’t click to one face.

I’m just old and past it

I once worked long hours

My wife seeing diners well fed.

But now it’s the paper

And grand-kids to watch

And most of the old friends all dead.

But you Sir, yes you there,

I seem to recall

Your face from a happier time.

The sport shop your baby

The laughs that we shared

Your business familiar with mine.

Yes…Jack, now I have it

You’d come through the back

And chat up the cook and the girls

And order “the special”

And tell a clean joke.

Remember that kindlier world?


(*George Kerhoulis and Jack Blair)

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