The Last Adam

Jesus is called the last Adam in the fifteenth chapter of First Corinthians. Read that section, verses 45 to 49.

The first Adam was made a living soul; the last a quickening spirit. The first man made of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from heaven.

As we have been formed with matter and given a will, intelligence and emotions, so shall we enjoy an eternal sinless spirit through the New Birth. The images of these two men envelope all the potential of our race.

If Adam’s rebellion plunged us into suffering and death, it would take another Adam of similar constitution to meet the challenge to reverse that curse. Born of the breath of God. Untainted with the problem of Orinal Sin in the lineage of the man. And so Jesus came by way of a little virgin, Mary of Nazareth (seed of a woman – Genesis 3: 14, 15). Consider that Luke’s Gospel shows the genetic lineage through Mary.

If we allow the skeptics to disturb the Genesis account of the first few chapters, we upset the whole premise of redemption and rescue. Christ accomplished nothing through His heroic blood-letting. But when we study the breakdown of that rescue as laid out by Paul in the fifth and sixth chapters of Romans, we have come to shouting ground. Rejoice!

And remember that He is called the “last”. There will be no other Messiah coming down the path.


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