Green Grocer of Rye

Sure an’ ’tis a grand day

Me barrow full of goods

Yes, up at five, and down the streets

To ply the neighbourhoods.

Me Father was afore me

But his was fish you see.

And children and their mithers

Would crowd his cart with glee.

An’ always his “God bless ya”

Backed by a winsome smile

And grace was the aroma.

(His back ached all the while.)

And now I hike me veggies

Plucked fresh as fresh can be

A simple trade

And all love-made

Roit down the hill to sea.

The gulls will sing my fanfare

The mist no dampening snare

And thoughts run wild

In this stretched child

An’ many a launched-up prayer.

I’m free by rights

A merchant

But poor of purse and board

No happier lad

Was ever had

So thankya much me Lord.


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