Daubers Beware!

“walls of salvation”: message gone missing

You’re hearing your spirits

No inkling of mine

Your comfortable pillows

Your surfeit of wine

You utter a burden

But it is a fraud

Your people are careless

And far from their God.

The peace that you utter

Is no peace at all.

You flee from sound doctrine

You’re ready to fall

The walls that you’re trusting

As Zion’s defense

Are crumbling and white-washed

With putrid pretense.

And folk rush to hear you

The touted “now” word

But you are clear bankrupt

Your message absurd.

And I will soon visit

And pull down your wall

And leave you defenseless

With no strength at all.

The evil then follows

And rolls ‘cross your land

And you’ll miss my favour

Once closely at hand.

Oh had you just waited

My counsel to hear

You would have stood valiant

With nothing to fear.

Ezekiel 13

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