Jesus did not say come unto a group or a program or a rule book or a meditative posture. He said come unto Him, and volunteer to take on His yoke and learn of Him. In so doing we would find rest for our souls. (Matthew 11)

Come – Get into the vicinity of His story, His prayer agenda and His record of service. Read those Gospels. Talk about them enthusiastically with friends of the faith. Have nothing in your hands to trust as a safety net. Be reverent and expectant. Ask for the part that you are to play.

Take – It is being offered freely. There are no pre-requisites.

My Yoke – It is a loving discipline and a mind-set that Jesus accepted without qualification or wavering. His yoke (the ethic of the Sermon on the Mount). One becomes visibly bonded to a fellow labourer, and cannot stray away without a conscious removal of the bond. And oh what a strong and capable partner is shouldering the load with us!

Rest – The Letter to the Hebrews tells us that this is the objective of faith, the high plateau of trusting and obeying, the immovable rock of security and belonging. Nothing to fear. No path followed with clear conscience ends in disaster.

Souls – The real struggles occur in the soul realm of the will, intellect and emotions. Have you ever had a sleepless night where you can’t seem to shut off the brain from wandering, silly and troublesome thoughts? Focus on Jesus in prayer and simple conversation. Equilibrium is restored and hope for tomorrow.

Burden Light – This is the part that baffles the un-churched. They see the Gospel as restrictive and as robbing liberty. No fun they say. Made to be pawns of priest-craft and blind trust. Antiquated concepts of sin and self-control. Oh but let them discover the comfort and wisdom of “jumping” when the King of all the Ages says “jump”, or of standing still and waiting at His command, while things get sorted out. This is a lesson that He will take into His own hands. No exposition by a third party can cut it.

And to whom has all of this been addressed by the Master? The labouring and heavy-laden. Are you a candidate?


2 thoughts on “Come

  1. This is excellently stated without lofty speech but in simple to understand terms speaking to…in Love and not “at”. There is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to be gained from this and it all points straight to Jesus without hook or crook and by no means to be a miss-took.
    Thank you for your plain honest offering in humility,
    To God be the Glory,
    in Jesus name.

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