Oh Yeah, I Heard

You took the job

Didn’t have much choice you thought

Way out of your league

New work-mates snickered

Made it awkward at break times.

Homeward bound you prayed

That I would make a way

Make my will clear.

(You were chafing at my choice in this.

Oh yes you were.)

You even asked “Where was I?”

Son, had I been in hiding?

Did I have other things of greater importance?

Hear me now!

There is nothing more important.

Those men on the job-site

Knew you were different

Took stock of your moderation

Your steadiness, your language.

They knew you were in the wringer

But not grousing.

Just trying harder

And finding some satisfaction

In the new skills

The new stamina and spring to your step.

You were coming through, Son

And coming to me more often.

That was my delight.

And I would pour more in

Stuff that your satisfied self

In earlier days

Never would have caught.

Then the job slowed.

Pink slips handed out.

Thankful, respectful men

Shook your hand.

One…guy by the name of Harvey

Wished you Godspeed

Said he had been praying all along.

(Another one of my men.

A little shy, that one.)

Seemed like a firing, didn’t it?

Well, it was a graduation of sorts.

And other doors opened.

And you get it now, don’t you.

My hand never left your shoulder.

…His Arm is long enough to reach you where you are.


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