Christ in Isaiah-F.B.Meyer chapter 3 (3) The Testimony of The Saints

Salvoes in Faith

hawk and black bird

“3 (3) THE TESTIMONY  OF THE SAINTS.-Hast thou not heard? Where have been thine ears? This has not been told in secret, nor whispered in the dark places of the earth. It has been a commonplace with every generation of God’s people, that the Lord fainteth not, neither is weary. He never takes up a case to drop it. He never begins to build a character to leave it when it is half complete. He cannot be exhausted by the rebellion, back-sliding, or fickleness of his children. Were this not so, heaven would have missed some of it’s noblest inhabitants. Jacob, David, Peter, and myriads more, are trophies of the unwearied pains which God takes with those whom He adopts into his family. It is quite true that He may seem to forsake and plunge the soul into needless trial; this, however, is no indication that He has tired of…

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