Hands Off!


I’ve reasoned and reasoned

Its not getting through

You’re haughty, not holy

Untouchable you.

You’ve tasted of mercy

From well-springs of grace

But now it’s a smugness

That covers your face.

You’re one of the chosen

No need to repent

Not even for chastening

That’s clearly God-sent.

Your use of His Word

Voluminous yes

Is filled with agenda.

He meant it to bless.

And I am here knocking

But all is for naught

You think I’d know better

It’s you that He bought

And I am off-target

In pressing this case.

I’ve entered the flesh realm

Now I’m the disgrace.

Have I not been listening?

He’s saying “Let go.”

The same love and mercy

That’s carried me so

Is yours with each sunrise.

By His hand you’ll grow.


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